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Free Download Driver Acer Aspire One 722 Windows 7 32bit

Free Download Driver Acer Aspire One 722 Windows 7 32bit

Free Download Driver Acer Aspire One 722 Windows 7 32bit
Acer Aspire One 722 Review- The Acer Aspire One 722 is a 11.6-inch netbook and is an incremental change over the first subnotebook class. The most clear contrasts between the Aspire One 722 and different subnotebooks are the lessened gimmicks and perceptibly less capable segments of the One 722. Our test specimen is the Acer Aspire 722-C62kk. With a retail cost of around 350 Euro ($429 USD), the netbook characteristics the AMD C-60 CPU, ATI Radeon HD 6290 representation card, 2 GB RAM, a 320 GB hard plate.


Likewise with the case, the interfaces are the same as in the Aspire One 722-C52kk. The three USB ports and the SDHC card peruser oversaw exchange rates of 27.1 MB/s and 14.2 MB/s separately. Outer showcase network is accessible by means of the VGA and HDMI ports. Both are equipped for good picture qualities at a greatest determination of 1680x1050, in spite of the fact that the HDMI conveys a marginally more keen picture. There are both advantages and disadvantages to the course of action of the interface. The USB ports on the privilege side are placed at the back and consider less demanding link administration, however the space between them is limited and bigger USB connectors can't be utilized at the same time. The port dispersing on the left side is bigger however the ports themselves are found more around the front and may cause links to end up caught.


The Aspire One 722-C62kk has a fundamental level of gear and backings the IEEE 802.11b/g/n conventions, Bluetooth 3.0+hs, and a 0.3 MP webcam. Interestingly, just the Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s standard is underpinned and system network will be more constrained when contrasted with other present day record books.


A huge cover on the underside hides all the essential segments. Uncovering this spread uncovers a second, discharge memory opening and a second small scale PCI Express space alongside the inherent Wi-Fi card that permits the client to include a full-sized smaller than usual PCI Express card. While it is physically conceivable to include an Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) module, doing so will require extra alteration as the important radio wires are not introduced. The expansion of a second memory module would permit the framework to achieve its greatest of 4 GB however won't build the memory transmission capacity because of the AMD C-60 having just a solitary channel memory controller.

The Aspire One 722 is secured by Acer's standard one-year convey in guarantee for its netbooks. European law additionally commands that all producers give a two-year guarantee on top of the standard. The guarantee can be reached out to three years through the Acer online store to incorporate a blend of convey in administration and mischance and travel protection for around 90 Euro ($110 USD).

Information Devices

The console utilizes ordinary measured 19 mm (0.75 in) keys in a high-differentiate format. Extremely critical capacities are accessible by means of Fn-key blends. The keys themselves have a short key drop and a delicate, inconclusive weight point. As being what is indicated, the console has a tendency to skip and twist pretty much over the whole console surface. The keys make an unpretentious mechanical writing sound however the bigger keys, for example, the space bar and return key, shake a bit.


The touchpad utilizes a substantial, organized surface that takes into consideration smooth skimming. Regular multi-finger motions are underpinned and the touchpad can be turned on and off utilizing a Fn-key blend. We discovered the one-catch configuration of the touchpad to be offensive. The catch itself is slight and the catch drop is excessively little. There is opportunity to get better regarding convenience. The center of the catch has a more terrible response than the officially long response times and makes it hard to utilize both left and right catches at the same time.

Wie wir testen - Display

The Aspire One 722 has a reflexive LED-illuminated 1366x768 (WXGA) screen. This gives the showcase the same desktop determination as standard 15-inch journals. The ensuing higher pixel thickness of 135 dpi reasons pictures and content to seem much littler.

We watched a most extreme shine of 245 album/m2 and an even brilliance circulation. The show's shine can be balanced in 9 different splendor levels with step 5 yielding the standard 150 disc/m2 level for indoor use on matte screens. Most clients will probably select a more elevated amount of brilliance to decrease reflecting from the gleaming screen.

Free Download Driver Acer Aspire One 722 Windows 7 32bit

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Free Download Driver Acer Aspire One 722 Windows 7 32bit

3G Module Driver
Audio Driver
Bluetooth Driver Atheros
Bluetooth Driver  Broadcom
Card Reader Driver
LAN Driver
Touchpad Driver Elantecht
Touchpad Driver Synaptics
VGA Intel Driver
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Wireless  LAN Atheros
Wireless LAN Broadcom
Wireless LAN Realtek

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